About Us

BMR Engineering has become a well-known and trusted company since starting out repairing equipment for Iluka in 1994. In 1995, Owner/Manager Grant Bevan sourced a shed between Cervantes and Jurien, pulled it down and erected it at the businesses current location in Brunswick Junction.
The business grew quickly, taking on new clients and building a trusted team.
BMR Engineering has gone from strength to strength, and continues to play a key role in the South West. 

BMR Engineering

Who We Are

BMR Engineering has built a solid reputation as a trusted and valuable supplier of mechanical maintenance, repair work, and engineering over twenty years of service across the South West. We take pride in consistently delivering a dedicated, reliable service and high quality mechanical engineering workmanship.  

BMR provides engineering services to numerous sites around the region, supplying parts and labour for overhauls, shutdowns, construction, and repair of a wide range of mechanical equipment.

BMR Engineering is located on the South West Highway in Brunswick Junction – an ideal location to service the key mining, processing, milk, transport, earthmoving, timber, wine and agriculture industries.

Our top priority is a Zero Harm workplace. Safety is our number one concern and a key value at BMR: we want to make sure
that each and every employee goes home in the same condition as they arrived in.

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